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New Zealand has an Enviroschool scheme where it tries to support schools with sustainability. One of the local schools here in Hamilton has just been on the telly detailing what they have been doing.

They started a garden to grow veg and teach the children elements of sustainability. The project grew as they decided that the kids could learn to cook too, using the veg that they had grown.

Kids growing tomatoesNow it was a project on a roll. How do you make sure that the plants are cared for in all conditions? Set up a weather station and start making your own forecasts. What can you do with the surplus of food? Sell them to the local community. How can the community find out? Set up a publicity machine that includes a local radio station for the school. The kids are doing all this and now they want to set up a 200 seat café so they can feed themselves at lunchtime!

What a range of learning opportunities developed through making a vegetable patch. And it’s all pretty authentic learning. I’m sure that there are some other great examples out there too. Feel free to tell us about them in the comments.

2 Responses to “Enviroschools for authentic learning”

  1. michael says:

    We have just started this at school. Still going through the introductory stage, but I’m really looking forward to some authentic learning opportunities.

  2. easegill says:

    Good luck with that Michael. No snaffling all the best strawberries though! I guess that it needs some commitment from staff to engage with the project but should provide a focus to hang lots of learning off.

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